Catalog archives from 1979 to present

Includes: Atlanta Parts Depot, Apparel, Automotive, Aviation, Furniture and Mattress equipment

Apparel Sewing Equipment

Heavy duty industrial sewing machines and sewing equipment

Atlanta Parts Depot

One stop shopping for expendable replacement parts

Automotive Sewing Equipment

For automotive interiors

Folders & Attachments

This is considered to be our Folder Divisions Master Catalog. It has been around for many years and is a standard of the industry. This is the division our company was founded on in 1969 and is still includes many of the same hand crafted folders that are made by our craftsmen in the Lawrenceville facility.

Furniture Sewing Equipment

Industrial sewing equipment for the Furniture industry.

Mattress Sewing Equipment

Heavy duty industrial sewing machines, packaging and other equipment for mattress production

Priceless Aviation Products

GSE – Tugs, ground support equipment, jump start , tools and maintenance cameras