Mattress borders are a structural part of a mattress assembly as well as aesthetic with many different decorative border applications. The integrity of the mattress assembly can make a well made unit meet specific fire retardant standards and still maintain creativity with designs and functional benefits like vertical and horizontal handles. Mattress and foundation making equipment require different types of sewing machines and other sewing equipment.

Several types of mattresses include the pillow top that has a single tape edge for the pillow look that is attached to the top surface and therefore considered a non-flip mattress. The euro top has a thicker top section than the pillow top and can have multiple tape edges on the top section and is also a non-flip mattress. The tight top is a standard mattress that can be flipped as needed to enhance its longevity. Foundations can be a continental border with material overlapping the top or a standard border style with the border material flush with the edge of the mattress.

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