• We will be primarily a manufacturer and provider of products and services to our customers which are of high quality and provide overall value for their investment.
  • We will be noted for the delivery of these products and services on a timely basis.
  • We will make use of advanced technology where practical and economical.
  • The highest standards for material selection appropriate to the product / service will be maintained.
  • We will strive to provide a work environment of integrity, respect and dignity for employees and all who come in contact with our business.

  • Employees will be recruited and maintained who are creative, technically competent and productivity oriented.
  • Management systems and processes will be developed and maintained which emphasize team work, a high level of quality assurance and flexibility.
  • We will be a profitable company and distribute this wealth in fair and equitable ways after sufficient reinvestment for necessary long term company growth.
  • We will be responsible to the environment and to the communities within which we do business.
  • We will diversify into various markets and product lines in order to leverage our expertise, balance our work demands, provide new opportunities for growth and hedge against downturns in any one industry.

Quality Control Standards

Here at Atlanta Attachment Company and Atlanta Parts Depot, we take great pride in personally inspecting and ensuring that all parts manufactured at our facility are optimally created for your machines. Measurements are made with an extensive catalog of manual gauges as well as our Coordinate Measuring Machine on both new and replacements parts.

We also offer the opportunity for you, the customer, to tailor your own custom inspection process. From a simple signature to a 3 ring binder with drawings and precise numerical records, our Quality Control group is your company’s liaison to guarantee a perfect part every time.

Our Pledge to the Customer

As the leading supplier of automated sewing workstations, Atlanta Attachment Company pledges unequaled service and support to our valued customers. WIth the assistance of our affiliate company, Atlanta Parts Depot, we pledge to maintain inventories of the recommended spare parts for our automated workstations and to ship those replacement parts within 72 hours or they will be Free of Charge!

Contact sales for the recommended spare parts list and the model workstations covered.