There are basically four types of tables used for mattress industry. Build-up tables are used at  assembling stations,  pneumatic flotation tables used at sewing stations, flip up tables used at inspection stations and turning motorized tables that are regularly attached to conveyors.

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Build-up tables can have different features, for example, rotating table tops make it easier to rotate the entire mattress while the operator works from a stationary position, some tables are fixed without rotation and some tables have built in extensions for working with small or large beds. Some tables can be raised and lowered for the individual operators ease of use. Many of the tables have a smooth stainless surface so the mattress being worked on can slide easily for the operators benefit and to keep from damaging the material on the mattress.

Air tables or pneumatic flotation tables are used for the ease of handling material, allowing an operator to sew the full length of a mattress or foundation panel and handling without getting the material in a bundle on top of the table. The material simply slides along, hovering on a cushion of air as it is sewn.

Flip up tables are mainly used when handling heavy mattresses. They have flipping functions for safety & ergonomics. They are also used for inspection stations.

Turning tables are inline on a conveyor system, simplify the production lines and can benefit the operator for safety and for ergonomic reasons, they turn the direction of the mattress in conveyor corners or just before arriving into a workstation such as a mattress bagger.

AAC offers build-up, pneumatic, flip and rotation tables for all aspects of production. The 1346 series of build-up tables have a wide variety of tables for production: flipping, adjustable width, height adjustment and rotation. They are designed to make maximum use of the space required to move martial around easily. The air flotation tables come in different configurations, depending on the size and weight of mattress production required and the type of sewing machine used. The model TRN1000 is perfect turn table for a conveyor system as it is an inline unit with roller bearings built into the conveyor belt.

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