Mattress quilting machines can create a minimal look with a simple design and thinner material that depends more on the inner components or it can be plush as in a pillow top design and combined with the mattress ruffler for the corner treatment. The quilting layer of a mattress is the cushioning layer and the most important part of the comfort zone as the top three inches are where the largest sensitivity of padding is located. The thickness varies as well as the comfort level. It can be firm or soft and quilted with a repeated pattern or single pattern design.

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The quilted material used for the top mattress panel can also be used for the decorative mattress border material as well to create a consistency in design. Quilting the comfort layer can include foam padding such as latex foam, memory foam and polyurethane foam.

Other natural or synthetic fiber materials are commonly used for quilting as well. The material used as the top layer can give a softness to the touch that adds to the comfort and look as well but what is underneath the surface is the true comfort of the mattress. Fire retardancy is very important to the mattress construction as well as the ability to regulate temperature and breathability. Quilter sewing machines are required for the manufacture of panels and borders. Machines that are digitally controlled repeat patterns that manage consistency in mattress facilities in different locations throughout the world.

Atlanta Attachment develops mattress quilting machines for panels and borders.

The multi needle quilting machines are managed by a state-of-the-art quilter control system with custom designed manufacturing software. A single needle quilting machine is also available. For those touch up jobs a quilting repair machine is available with hopping foot action. A combination panel cutting and border slitter with rewinder can be run with the quilter system to cut panels and borders to proper sizes. A motorized material carousel is available to conserve floor space and make changing material easy. We offer a quilter restoration system for competitive brands and it comes complete with the AAC quilter control system with control cabinet.

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