Attachments and folders are available for any sewing machine operation. Many of the standard binders, folders, and mattresses decoration tape guides are in stock and custom folders can be made in 5-7 days. Binders are available in clean finish as well as raw edge binders and are available for tape edge as well. A vibrating binder attachment is perfect for applying a tape edge to a mattress to reduce tension in binding so corners lay flat. Gusset folders are available in standard, gusset up and gusset down applications. Many folders for mattress handles are also available.

A complete listing is available of our folders and attachments for sewn products manufacture.

See below for our attachments and folders. Click on model number or image thumbnail to go to that model’s product page.

Note: Images on the pages contained on this website may include options. Please contact your sales representative for details on equipment you may be interested in.