Mattress springs manufacturing equipment is available for the different operations of innerspring mattress production. The Innerspring mattress is made with a steel coil spring system. Two different methods of mattress spring construction are Bonnell coils and pocket spring coil. The Bonnell method is a series of hourglass shaped steel wire coils connected together with cross wire support. The Bonnell unit is one of the simplest methods of spring production.

The pocket spring coil method, or Marshall coil method, incorporates single barrel shaped springs inserted into individual pockets of non woven fiber material where they are encased and glued together to make an innerspring layer. This method allows the spring coils to work independently without affecting adjoining springs. The innerspring is covered by various padding materials to provide comfort at the surface, including foams, fiber, or possibly additional layers of smaller steel springs. Thicker mattress coil wire makes a firm mattress and a thinner gauge wire is less ridged. The greater the number of coils in a mattress, the better the distribution and support for the end user and is considered a higher quality mattress.

Spring equipment from AAC includes a straightening machine, pneumatic border bending, Bonnell coiling, Bonnell assembler, pocket spring coiling machine that can work inline with an automated pocket spring assembler and a heavy duty spring unabler to expand compressed springs.

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