Automation of the apparel sewing industry progressed dramatically in the 20th century. Technological innovations in machinery, synthetic fibers, logistics, and globalization of the industry required radical changes. Cotton and wool were joined by synthetic fibers such as rayon, nylon, acetate, acrylic, metal, polyester and spandex. As the industry grew and productivity became more important than ever, automation took a dramatic change.

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Different applications required different stitches such as the chainstitch, lockstitch, overlock, coverstitch and zigzag stitch. The development of new sewing equipment became specialized, machines needed automation in the fast paced environment and ergonomic advancements for the operators. Sewing machinery became more complex by performing multiple task, for example, producing a sleeve for a t-shirt from a stack of precut parts could simply be done by placing a part on the conveyor, the sleeve is hemmed, folded in half, closed with a backlatch and stacked for the next process of attaching to the t-shirt body.

Atlanta Attachment Company specializes in the development of automated sewing equipment for the sewn products industry. The apparel line of equipment includes sewing machines for tee shirts, placket shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and shorts, uniforms, and for many other products such as blouses, ball caps, jackets, underwear, pajamas, jeans, overalls and aprons. The workstations are used for hemming, seaming, taping cutting, applying sleeves, cuffs, collars, elastic waistbands, pockets, ruffles and other required functions for the creation and assembly of apparel. AAC’s Engineering department is constantly updating equipment, developing new and improved models and working with customers to design and develop custom automated sewing equipment for specific applications.

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