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Class: 1536A

Automatic Elastic Leg Hemming Station

Sweatpant Legs


An electro-pneumatic device consisting of a variable speed puller, an impact type scissor controlled by a single retro-reflective eye, and a belt conveyor positioned to the side of the presser foot. This unit is designed to automatically cut raw rubber or narrow elastic between garment parts such as sweat pant legs. Automatic start and stop control reduces waste between pieces.

  • DC electronic motor & microprocessor controls
  • Automatic start/stop
  • High production
  • rgonomic design
  • Air assisted folder
  • Automatic cut apart
  • Eliminates elastic waste
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Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220v 1ph
Current (amps) 5
Air pressure (psi) 90
Air consumption (cfm) 9
Shipping weight (lbs) 800
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 72x46x60

Approximately 900 pieces per hour, depending on material and size of parts.

The operator presents the material through a downturn hemmer and under the presser foot. Sewing begins automatically. Each successive part is sewn with minimal gap to reduce elastic or rubber waste. The variable speed puller runs faster than the sewing speed and creates a larger gap. The retro-reflective eye senses the leading edge of each part and automatically cycles the scissor cutter to separate the parts. The side conveyor carries the leading edge to the puller and prevents the gathered material from jamming. The 1536 includes automatic stop and start to minimize elastic between pieces and ergonomically designed tabling for stand-up operation.

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