Mattress panels are the top and bottom layers of the mattress. They can be decorative using different methods such as mattress quilting, tufted with inserts or a material bonded to a foam layer. Some mattresses have different panels on the top and bottom of the unit and can be used for different seasons or they can be for no flip designs. Quilting machines can produce beautiful designs on the panel material with a large single design or a repeated pattern. The pattern used on some mattress panels can be repeated on the borders to reinforce the look around the entire assembly.

Mattress panel production equipment is available for all types and styles of mattress. Serging and flanging machines with belt drive mechanisms are used for various thickness of material up to heavy duty panels and an automatic pre flanging gusset machine has a heavy duty sewing head with puller. A walking foot machine is available for panel binding and for mattress bucket building for pre closed borders. A zig zag or straight stitching, reversible top belt with aggressive feed dog makes applying labels to panels easy.

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