Mattress material handling equipment  is essential for transfer of parts for assembly and also finished mattresses and foundations. The methods of moving items can be manual, mechanized or motorized, depending on the task.

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A conveyor system may be used for moving product from one workstation to another in order of production. Material and mattresses can be moved by manual or automated conveyor system that has many different sections such as mattress flipping, foam cutting, pushing, stacking and turning. Flat spring bundles require transportation to an unbaling machine. Manual and motorized carts are needed to move mattress parts, springs and mattresses to workstations and storage locations. Utility tugs can pull carts loaded with mattresses or assembly items or can pull a train of carts.

Carts can also help with managing material as it moves from one workstation to another by draping material over a bar and keeping it stacked and organized.

AAC offers a wide variety of products for material handling. Automated products include a standard line shaft driven roller conveyor system specifically tailored for moving bedding products efficiently. The model 701D is the perfect lightweight electric utility tug for moving bedding carts loaded with mattresses, pulling trains of small carts and many other uses. It can be equipped with different hitches such as a ball hitch.

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