Industrial sewing machine attachments are essential additions to sewing machinesThey give operators the ability to alter the function of a machine to become a workstation. For example, a standard sewing machine can perform a typical sewing function, but if you add a folder, it will allow the operator to perform a specialized task such as binding tape to the edge of material to close it off and give it a finished look. Attachments can guide material as it moves through the sewing head, fold the material before joining, feed and pull material through the machine. They can measure the length, ruffle, cut, count and stack.

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Labor saving devices, such as tape feeders, vibrating binders, and fast action knives, as well as the backlatch (patented by Atlanta Attachment Company), are attachments that specifically reduce the complexity of a labor intensive operation.

Atlanta Attachment Company was established in 1969. Elvin C. Price built sewing machine attachments and labor saving devices. The company has always offered quality manufactured products worldwide to the sewn products industry. Some of the equipment products offered are edge guiding, elastic waistband, sergeing, rufflers, electronic metering, fast action knife, taping systems, folders, gauge sets, pullers and tape feeders. AAC stocks a very large supply of folders and binders, if not in stock, it can be custom made in 5-7 business days.

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