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Class: 1987

Automatic Waistband Station

Jeans & Casual Slacks


An electronically controlled, electro-pneumatic operated device designed to produce finished waistbands with the band ends unsewn and cut to precise length. This station consists of a multi – needle sewing machine*, an auxilliary power feed package, pneumatic saftey knife, and control package including electronic motor and automatic waistband measuring capability.


  • Increased production
  • Lower operator skill
  • Consistent high quality
  • Automatic waistband measurement
  • Precise band end trim
  • No stitch ripping at closing band ends


* Sewing head supplied by customer

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The operator inserts the garment into the folded band and up to a mark on the throat plate which closes the leading edge sensor. Depressing the sew treadle begins the sewing and the stitch count. When the preset number of stitches are sewn the machine is automatically stopped while the safety knife trims the band . Sewing then continues under operator control until the trailing edge of the garment is sensed. The trailing edge sensor automatically stops the sewing, actuates the undertrimmer (Iockstitch machines), lifts the presser foot and engages the auxilliary power feed to draw the garment and banding to the precise point of end trim. A three digit counter may be set for the desired waistband size and a digital readout is illuminated during sew. This will energize indicator lights if the finished garment is not in tolerance.

Most industrial multi – needle machines.