Mattress ruffler machines are an automatic method of producing corners on a mattress and foundation. This method of assembly was developed to reduce the construction time of a mattress from the standard manual miter corners methods. Pleats are created in the gusset and foundations to help with the smoothness of the radius and can be varied in quantity. Pleats on the top mattress panel also adds a visually appealing separation from the body to the top section of the pillow top or euro top. The top of the mattress gusset can be attached to the panel with a tape edge. The bottom of the gusset can be tape edged to the border or it can be built into a one piece border.

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The model 1335 ruffler series of industrial heavy duty sewing machines are developed specifically for this type of mattress assembly. They make it easy to create a perfect elegant corner for pillow top, euro top mattresses and foundations with a distinctly different look of softness. A flange and inner panel can be added if necessary for your mattress design and the one piece border meets all known flammability standards. Used with the model 1349 one piece border machine, a faux tape edge can be added to the mattress border. Ruffler sewing equipment is available to build pillow top gussets for pre flanging and bucket building methods.

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