The apparel industry covers a broad range of garment options for industrial sewing manufacture. All of these products require specialized equipment to produce them. Operators need to be able to work quickly and efficiently utilizing as much material as possible with minimal waste. The equipment also needs to be safe and ergonomic. A quick, handy access to expendable sewing machine parts is necessary to minimize downtime and keep workstations operating.

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Atlanta Attachment Company produces equipment for the apparel industry that include sewing machines,attachments and equipment for: tee shirts, placket shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and shorts, uniforms, and for many other products such as blouses, ball caps, jackets, underwear, pajamas, jeans, overalls and aprons. Workstations are used for hemming, seaming, taping cutting, applying sleeves, cuffs, collars, elastic waistbands, pockets, ruffles and other needed functions for creating and assembling apparel.

AAC’s Engineering department is constantly updating equipment, developing new and improved models and working with customers to design and develop custom automated sewing equipment for specific applications. Attachments and other equipment offered are edge guiding, elastic waistband, serging, rufflers, electronic metering, fast action knife, taping systems, folders, gauge sets, pullers and tape feeders. AAC stocks a very large supply of folders and binders, if not in stock, it can be custom made in 5-7 business days. The open availability of sewing machine parts are critical to manufacturers also. Atlanta Parts Depot is the division of AAC that offers one stop shopping for expendable replacement parts and they are stocked for most industrial sewing machines.

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