Mattress zipper machines are for the production of a mattress with a cover that has a removable top. This mattress manufacturing method is an alternative to the traditional tape edge sewing machine that permanently closes the cover. This type of construction allows the mattress components to be assembled in one part of the factory and the zipper cover to be assembled on a sewing machine in another area.

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The mattress cover could also be contracted to a supplier and the assembly made separately. This can be a much simpler method of construction in some cases. Zipper mattress covers are sometimes used on air mattresses or water beds. Also, if the owner of a mattress needs to replace the cover, it’s simple to remove and replace with a new cover.

The AAC pre-made zipper machine has all the features for roll fed or pre-made to length zippers and can produce concealed or exposed zippers with this automatic sewing equipment. An auto border zipper machine creates concealed or exposed zippers with single or double operation and can have symmetrical or asymmetrical zipper placement on mattress borders. A single operation allows the operator to tape edge zipper to the top panel. The operator hems a border and attaches the second half of the pre-made zipper.

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