Mattress tufting machines provide the technique of holding the contents of a mattress together to keep the layers or materials from shifting or bunching. This manufacturing method is used on futon mattresses as well as older style mattresses with materials such as cotton, feathers and other natural and synthetic fibers and layers. Compressing the mattress before installing the tufts makes the tufting consistent and less work for the operator.

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Quilted mattress panels may be used with the pattern supplying points of insertion for the tufts. Using a specific design or pattern, a string or mattress tape is pushed through the bed using a large mattress tufting needle that goes all the way through the mattress. A retaining object such as mattress tufting button, rosette or felt washer is attached on the opposite side of the mattress. The string or tape is then pulled back through and another retaining object is attached to the insertion side. When all tufts are applied, the mattress is then uncompressed and ready for use.

Atlanta Attachment Company’s model 1319 mattress tufting machine has a mechanism that allows an operator to insert the mattress, compress, then flip vertical for easy access to the preset tuft insertion points. Various tufting pattern arrangements can be used with this mattress machinery. It is a good method for keeping all the contents stable and intact. A model 1365 auto tuft and scroll quilting machine provides a beautiful decorative mattress panel and is available with a single needle sewing head to combine a beautiful quilted pattern and to apply tufts to the quilted panel.

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