Mattress tape edge machines are important to the production of mattress assembly because they are the sewing machine that binds the mattress panel top or bottom and the mattress border together. This equipment is critical to mattress manufacturing as it can be a key component of the integrity of the mattress cover. When combined with Kevlar thread, this is an important part of fire retardant mattress construction requirements.

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The tape edge can also create a decorative mattress border with a faux tape edge that breaks up the height of the mattress border and gives the look of a multi layer mattress. The tape edge can also be used on a pillow top mattress or a box top mattress. A tape edge operator is highly skilled at this operation because the technique of applying the tape edge must be smoothly sewn and flat all the way around the mattress.

Atlanta Attachment offers different levels of tape edge machines from a simple sewing head to an automatic tape edge workstation. They include models with electronic drive, dual servo drive motors, power glide and a conveyor design with auto flipping and rotating to assist with those heavy mattress situations and ergonomic mattress production methods. The mattress production equipment comes with a single needle, walking foot, two thread, chainstitch sewing machine. Sewing machine parts and attachments for the sewing heads are available from the Atlanta Parts Depot division.

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