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Class: 1907A

Placket Shirt Collar Set & Tape

Fashion Knit Collar Set & Tape Attachment Gives Two-Needle Look to Finished Garment


A clean finish taping folder mounted to a safety stitch type machine behind the edge trimming knife. This folder, combined with a scissor type cutter, allows the collar seam to be taped as the collar is set. Topstitching the tape and hanging the label in a separate operation produces a flat, uniform collar seam and gives a two-needle taping look to the finished garment.


Other Model: 273-4

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An operator aligns the collar to the shirt and folds the placket over the collar. The shirt is sewn with a single needle 401 stitch to the point where the leading edge is at the tape cutter and the operator touches a knee switch to actuate the cut-apart. Sew continues and the placket is folded over the trailing end of the collar. The tape is cut as sew is completed.

Modified industrial safety stitch machines.