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Class: 425-14E

Spot Elastic Waistbands

Spot Elastic Waistbands


  • Side Spot
  • Half Elastic Waistbands
  • Eliminates elastic handling
  • Cut and reinsert on command
  • 3″ spot to full back capability
  • Adaptable for most machines
  • Pneumatic or electronic controls
  • Elastic width up to 2″


A semi-automatic system designed to produce a spot or partial elastic waistband. The unit consists of upper and lower folders, or upper downturn hemmer and lower cover band folder, elastic feed and tension mechanism, and elastic cutting knife. Elastic may be inserted between two piece waistband or top downturn hemmer and bottom band. Seven different configurations are available.

Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220v 1ph
Current (amps) 5
Air pressure (psi) 90
Air consumption (cfm) 4

AT301B Pnuematic cut-a-part knife.
Electronic controls and electronic motor for manual elastic insertion and stitch counting with automatic stop and cut program.

The operator heels the treadle to lift the presser foot, presents the garment under the foot and sews to a predetermined point (notch, mark, pocket hem, etc.). Pressing the knee switch activates the feed cycle which momentarily lifts the presser foot and tension bar for elastic insertion. As sewing continues the elastic is automatically metered. Approximately 2″ from the point where elastic is to end the operator activates the toe switch and cuts the elastic. Continuation of sew draws the elastic from the metering device as the waistband is completed. Side spot of 3″ to full pocket-to-pocket elastic is attainable.

Most industrial multi-needle machines.