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Class: 1278-3

Circular Elastic Waistband Station

Semi-Automatic Waistband Device for Circular Garments


A pneumatically operated device consisting of knee switch actuated expansion rollers, offset pedestal type table, footlift and edge guides for setting pre-closed elastic loops with an overlock head, or topstitching the waistband on a multi-needle machine.

  • Model 1535 Thread Cutter
  • Model 1904 Multi-Needle Undertrimmer

A preclosed elastic loop is loaded over the collapsed rollers and under the presser foot. The operator depresses the knee switch to expand the rollers and then loads the circular garment over the rollers & elastic loop. She then depresses the treadle to drop the presser foot and begin serging. The operator guides the garment to the point or oversew & presses the knee switch to collapse the rollers. Heeling the treadle lifts the presser foot to remove the garment.

The elastic band on the garment is turned down & loaded over the rollers and under the presser foot. Pressing the knee switch causes the rollers to expand. The operator then aligns the garment to the edge guide and depresses the treadle to drop the presser foot and begin sewing. The operator manually assists guiding until the point of oversew is reached. Heeling the treadle allows the presser foot to lift and a touch of the knee-switch colapses the rollers for unloading. A positioning motor with under trimmer is recommended for this operation.