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Class: 1278-4

Circular Clean Finish Waistband Station

An electro-pneumatic device consisting of expansion roller guides, two positionfolder, power feed package and air control package designed to sew preclosedelastic loops inside a closed garment to produce a clean finish circular elasticwaistband.


  • Simple controls
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ease of operation
  • Eliminate bulky seat seam
  • Adapts to existing machine
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Reduces skill factor
  • Reduces training
  • Available with Model 1904 multi
  • Needle undertrimmer

Voltage (v/ph/hz)

220v 1ph

Current (amps)


Air pressure (psi)


Air consumption (cfm)



The pre-sewn elastic loop is inserted inside the closed circular panel to a depth equal to the width of the elastic plus 3/8″ to 112″ for fold under. The operator touches the air foot switch to collapse the guide roliers, heels the sew treadle to lift the presser foot. The garment is inserted over the rear roller, under the foot and over the front roller. Depress the air foot pedal to expand the roller. A touch of the knee switch shifts the clean finish folder to the right and the operator tucks the fold under material with the fingers of the right hand. A touch of the toe switch draws the garment through the folder 5 to 7 inches to assure a clean fold. The garment is sewn to the point where stitching began. A press of the knee switch opens the folder and allows sew over of the starting stitches. Heeling the treadle actuates the undertrimmer and footlift*. A touch of the air foot pedal collapses the rollers for unloading.

* Machines without undertrimmer will have foot lift and position only. Optional thread chopper or multi needle undertrimmer available.