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Class: 3361K

Tee Shirt Shoulder-to-Shoulder Tape Cutter

  • Recessed blade to enhance safety
  • Increased production by eliminating separate cut-apart operation
  • Eliminates ergonomic problems associated with a manual cutting operation
  • Easy load increasing production
  • Easy in-plant installation to existing machines
  • Operator can easily change the cutter because we use common utility knife blades


Designed specifically for shoulder-to-shoulder taping of tee shirts on off-the-arm machines. Easy to adjust tape cutter, thumb switch, folder, tape guide, and tape reel. An optional foot switch or knee switch is also available.

Voltage (v/ph/hz)

220v 1ph

Current (amps)


Air pressure (psi)


Air consumption (cfm)


Shipping weight (lbs)


Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch)

60 x 46 x 53


The operator raises the presser foot into the locked position and pulls a bundle of shirts onto the arm of the machine, then lowers the foot to the sewing position and begins sewing. Each shirt is sewn and cut apart, eliminating a separate cutting operation.

Most off-the-arm machines.