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Sleeves per hour: 1450-1650
Pockets per hour: 1245

Class: 215-GY

Automatic Blindstitch Sleeve Hemmer for Shirt Sleeves and Pockets

Sleeves & Pockets


  • Patented Serial Bus Control System
  • DC electronic motor & controls
  • Cut Apart and Stack
  • Thread Monitors


An electronically controlled workstation consisting of a conveyorized upturn hemming apparatus with two-or-three thread overlock sewing head, electronic motor, automatic edge trim and cut apart, and self-contained waste disposal.

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Voltage (v/ph/hz)

220v 1ph

Current (amps)


Air pressure (psi)


Air consumption (cfm)


Shipping weight (lbs)


Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch)

106 x 60 x 65


2211-EG3 – Edge guiding system
2211PKIT01 – Pocket loading station
311-006B – Fold in half stacker

The operator places parts to an edge guide and initiates sewing. The unit will continue sewing as long as parts are placed on the conveyor within a specific distance. The sew cycle will stop if the operator fails to position the next part.