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Class: 1278-6

Automatic Rib Knit Bottom Band Setting Station

Shirt and band may be tubular or with side seams


  • DC electronic motor & microprocessor controls
  • Tandem operation
  • Reduces ergonomic risk
  • Minimizes fabric waste
  • Uniform gathering
  • Dual electronic active edge guiding system
  • Automatic stack
  • Increased production
  • Piece counter


An automatic workstation for sewing circular rib knit bottom bands on sweatshirts. This unit incorporates a cylinder arm overlock sewing head with vacuum thread trimmer, electronic controls, dual electronic active edge guiding system for band and body, and pneumatic expansion rollers with automatic stacker.


Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220v 1ph
Current (amps) 6
Air pressure (psi) 90
Air consumption (cfm) 23
Shipping weight (lbs) 890
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 60x54x60

180 – 225 dozen bottom bands per 8 hour shift. (based on a tandem setup)
Depending on material and size of parts

The operator folds the circular rib knit piece in half to form a band and places it over the expansion guide rollers. The rollers automatically expand for loading the body. The body is loaded over the rollers and band and a touch of the start sensor expands the rollers to sew position and indexes the parts under the presser foot and sew cycle begins. The operator is free to load a second machine. When the finished seam is sensed the parts are oversewn a predetermined distance, thread chain is cut, and the part is automatically stacked.

Yamato AZ8403
Union Special