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Class: 1347D

French Pillow-top Border Workstation

Create a pillow-top look for your competitively priced bedding


  • Modern design high-speed heads
  • High pressure oiling system
  • Adjustable border width
  • Low cost – high production
  • Electronic motor with needle positioner
  • Automatic controls allow the machine to operate without the need for an operator
  • Seam may be taped or a faux seam may be produced to simulate self-taping
Max sewing speed (rpm) 5000
Factory preset speed (rpm) 4000
Max stitch length (spi) 6-7
Needle system SNTVX7
Needle size 22/140
Weight of material LIGHT / MEDIUM
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220V 1PH 60HZ
Current (amps) 5
Motor type EFKA DC
Air pressure (psi) 80
Air consumption (cfm) 1
Shipping weight (lbs) 1320
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 62 x 96 x 75

40 Feet per minute

Single Needle 401 Double Chainstitch Needle Thread Monitor Bottom Feed and Top Puller Looper, Crossline

• Kit for cording insert operation
1961-KIT6B – Triple roll holder