It has been a good week in Johnson City as we brought the new quilter [model 1392 Golden Eagle Quilter and 1393E Panel Cutter] on line. The time we spent with [AAC service technician] Jose Ortiz in Atlanta prepared us for the machine’s arrival and gave us a head start on getting the machine into production.

Jose was a tremendous asset to us in both locations and I wanted to thank you for honoring our request to send him up for the installation. He is very thorough with his explanations and answered our questions without hesitation. If he did not have an answer he was quick to get one from others in the organization. He was early on the job in the mornings and stayed late in the evenings and we appreciate the effort he gave us.

The installation happened on one of the biggest weeks of the year for us so the machine was put into production almost immediately. Many of the panels quilted on Tuesday were delivered to an end consumer by Thursday. This speaks volumes for the assembly and set up work done prior to the machine’s arrival in Johnson City.

I would like to extend my thanks for a job well done to all those associated with this effort

Keith A. Patton, Vice President
Johnson City Bedding Co.