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Class: PLK-J6040

Programmable Sewing Machine, 600mm x 400mm

  • Simple set-up with one touch operation
  • Optimum presser foot motion
  • Fast and accurate
  • Automatic tension adjustment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Replace bobbin from top side
  • Easy to see, 6.5” color operations control panel
  • Materials thickness confirmation function ensures proper material layers before sewing starts
  • Superior energy savings
  • Eithernet interface
  • Barcode reader for tooling recognition


Sewing Area (mm) 600 x 400
Stitch Type Single-needle lockstitch
Speed (rpm) Intermittent: 2,000  Continuous: 2,000
Feeding System Intermittent or continuous (switchover method)
Stitch Length (mm) 01 to 20.0 (min. resolution 0.1)
Pattern Storage USB Flash Memory
Max. Number of Stitches 20,000 / pattern
Max. Number of Patterns 9,000 (limited by number of stitches in pattern)
Hook Shuttle (large) /rotary (large)
Needle DPx17 #18
Work Holder Chucking system
Programmable controller Original step sequence function
Upper shaft motor Mitsubishi electric 750W direct servo motor
Lower shaft motor Mitsubishi electric 400W direct servo motor
Presser foot drive Direct drive by stepping motor
Presser foot lift stroke 18.0mm (max. 24.0mm) variable in 0.1mm step
Presser foot stroke Digital adjustment stroke: 0.0 to 10mm
Upper thread tensioner Manual/automatic/setting on pattern (switchover)
Thread cut-able yarn count #30 – #1
Oil lubrication Spray method: Spray time adjustment
Power 200 to 240V 1PH/3PH
380 to 415V (optional)
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1,350 x 1,570 x 1,205
Single Needle 301 Lockstitch Extended Head Horizontal Hook, Transversal, Large CNC Contour Control

Custom Pattern Tooling