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Class: MW1

Mobile Workstation for the Apparel Industry

Perfect for the apparel floor fast and efficient mobile office.


Can be used for apparel managers, picking parts, stock items, janitorial, maintenance, materials handling, and quickly getting around a manufacturing floor. The MW1 is highly maneuverable in large facilities, where it’s important to get from one end to the other and back quickly, and smaller applications, where tight aisles and restrictive spaces cause limited mobility.

  • 12V battery with 110v converter
  • Three 110v outlets for laptop computer, printer and other devices
  • Smart Battery Charge
  • Shelf designed for laptop computer
  • Storage area large enough for wireless desktop printer
from our library

This Mobile Workstation is a smooth and fast manual push portable office. Complete with power and efficient space for a laptop computer and peripherals. This fun and easy to use cart allows you to efficiently maneuver around large facilities or warehouses and is great for using in tight areas with limited access. It makes working more efficient and fun.