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Class: AT112

Programmable Cutter Cap Operation

Electronically controlled, air operated device, designed to cut apart and/or trim continuous sewn material such as binding, belt loops, waistbands, etc., up to 1 1/2″ wide. This unit consists of a fast action toggle link knife, a 10-function control box, two retro-reflective eyes, two three-digit counters and a pneumatic power pack.


  • Eliminate the costly cut-apart operation
  • Available for any make or model flatbed or cylinder arm machine
  • Ten function control box for multiple operations
  • Installs in-plant in approximately two hours
  • Switch to a different machine as needed
  • Does not require special electronic motor
  • Binding saving feature, stops the sewing machine automatically after the trailing edge cut

Binding may be cut flush with the garment on both ends or a specified length of binding can be left to fold back and tack, or form tie strings, unit may be used as a loop cutter, label insert control and end trim, or any of six other operations.

The operator positions the rotary selector switch to choose any one of the following 10 functions:

  1. Cut leading edge and trailing edge with auto-stop binding saver.
  2. Cut leading edge and trailing edge without auto-stop binding saver.
  3. Cut leading edge only.
  4. Cut trailing edge only.
  5. Cut trailing edge only with auto-shop binding saver.
  6. Butt garments and cut apart (using trailing edge counter).
  7. Cut long tie strings (apron, shoulder ties, etc.).
  8. Continuous cut belt loops, belts, ties (using trailing edge counter).
  9. Same as #8 above except also uses leading edge counter to stop machine after cutting preset number of pieces.
  10. Uses leading edge counter to stop for label insertions, cuts trailing edge with auto-start binding saver.

Depressing the manual cut button resets the knife after selection. All cuts whether flush or preset length are accurate within + or – one stitch. The binding saver will automatically stop the sewing machine to reduce material waste.

All industrial flat bed or cylinder bed lock & chainstitch machines. Unit may be transferred from one machine to another after initial installation procedure.