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Class: AP26S

Automatic Backlatch System

The most simple, trouble-free backlatch in the world!
Instantaneous tensionless backlatch


  • No knots or skipped stitches, guaranteed!
  • Minimal operator training
  • Electronic motor not required
  • Reduces needle & parts breakage
  • Eliminates repairs


A pneumatically controlled and operated system consisting of patented hollow chaining tongue throat plate, chain cutting knife, and pneumatic footlift control package.

Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220v 3ph
Current (amps) 5
Air pressure (psi) 90
Air consumption (cfm) 7

Available with photo cell control in conjunction with electronic motor.

Feed dogs

The operator folds and places the part to be sewn at or under the presser foot in normal fashion. As the sew treadle is depressed, the automatically controlled vacuum generator draws the chain from the previous piece toward the operator into the hollow chaining tongue as the chain is sewn into the seam. Upon completion of sew, the operator draws the piece to the rear of the unit and cuts the chain by depressing a knee or heel switch. The amount of chain which remains is automatically drawn into the chaining tongue to form the backlatch for the next piece. Electronic motor is not required.

Most industrial overlocks.
Motor: Clutch or electronic