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Class: 520-3

Automatic spaghetti unit

Complete automatic unit including sewing head, high-boy stand, motor, thread monitors and more.

Customer’s sewing head may be used.

Available in 110 v or 220 v models

780-U ball bearing reel recommended

Part No. Description
1. 4003 Thread control (mercury)
2. 4007 Material control (up to 3″ width)
3. 780-U Universal binding reel, ball bearing with brake
4. 4003 Thread control (mercury)
5. AP-14 Spaghetti puller
6. 4048 Table top (specify machine class)
7. 4000E Motor clutch control
8. 4005 Stop button
9. 520 Spaghetti folder
10. 4002 Transformer (not shown)
11. 4004 Twist-Lock plug (not shown)

Filler may be used
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