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Class: 3200P

Automatic Border Workstation Mattress & Foundations

Automatically Measure, Mark, Cut, Insert Law Label and Close Border

  • State-of-the-art design and Serial Bus Control System with touch screen
  • Automatic border splice and defect detection
  • Heavy-duty guillotine cutter with tempered blades
  • Heavy-duty feeding module with long lasting urethane rollers
  • Electronically stops when border material is depleted
  • Electronic servo drive motors
  • Operator friendly, no tools required for routine adjustments and maintenance
  • Preset counter for multiple borders
  • Standard capacity up to 15″ widths, optional up to 18″
Max sewing speed (rpm) 5000
Factory preset speed (rpm) 1800
Max stitch length (spi) 6
Needle system SNDLX1140
Needle size 22/140
Weight of material LIGHT / MEDIUM
Max presser footlift (inch) 1/2
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220V 1PH 60HZ
Current (amps) 5
Motor type EFKA DC
Air pressure (psi) 80
Air consumption (cfm) 5
Shipping weight (lbs) 1250
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 77 x 110 x 88

3200PB – 100 – 120 Borders Per Hr
3200PB1/PB1E – 150 – 180 Borders Hr

Single Needle 301 Lockstitch Bottom Feed, Top Belt Feed Horizontal Hook, Transversal, Large Bottom Feed, Needle Feed and Alternating Feed Needle Thread Monitor Serial Bus

3200PMA – Automatic marking moduleMarks border for placement of handles
3206 – ID Labeling Inserter ModuleInserts a control label on top of the seam
3307 – Law Label Inserter ModuleLaw labels and other identifying labels may be inserted into or on top or bottom of border closing seam
3200PM4A – Multi-Marking Module for Size ID (4 pen)Automatically marks border with unique color combination to indicate size ID
3200PB1 – Border Measure and Cut withPre-Feed Station
3200PB1E – Border Measure and Cut w/oPre-Feed Station

Operator loads workstation with roll of border, enters size and quantity needed. Workstation automatically measures correct length, identification device applies bar code, style number, and/or text. Lockstitch sewing head closes border, trims threads, dispenses completed border.