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Class: AAC300UX6

Single Needle, Walking Foot, Two Thread, Chainstitch Machine

The AAC300UX6, originally designed by Singer® with Atlanta Attachment Company incorporated modifications for tape edge operation is now branded under the Atlanta Attachment Company name and produced by the same manufacturer as the original. It is the same sewing head, uses the same parts and delivers the same quality as the original Singer branded sewing head, and is backed with Atlanta Attachment warranty.

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Max sewing speed (rpm) 3500
Max stitch length (spi) 4
Needle system SN62X5924
Needle size 24/180
Weight of material MEDIUM / HEAVY
Max presser footlift (inch) 7/16
Single Needle 401 Double Chainstitch Bottom Feed, Needle Feed and Alternating Feed Looper, Inline Thread Lubrication


Needle SN62x5924
Feed Dog 559061
Throat Plate 559060
Lifting Presser Foot 559059
Alternating Presser Foot 559057