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Class: 1967-AX-PR2

Servo Drive Press with Needle Lifting System

The 1967-AX-PR2 Press provides a needle lifting system that automatically aligns foam plates before compression, even with multiple layers of foam. It can work in-line with the model 1967-AX-IR Infrared Curing Oven and the 1967-AX-R+ Roller Laminating Machine to allow adhesive transfer between foam plates and the simultaneous activation of adhesive itself. The structure of the press was designed to exert approximately 3 tons of pressure. This allows for maximum pressure over slightly porous materials in order to achieve a perfect transfer of adhesive.

  • Easy to use
  • Minimal operator input
1967-AX-PR 1967-AX-PR2
Maximum press height (in) 19.29
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 400-480V 3PH 50-60HZ
Motor type AC Brushless + AC
Current (amps) 2 8.5
Air pressure (psi) 100/116 0
Air consumption (cfm) 125 0
Weight (lbs) 4400 4630
Dimensions (w/l/h,inch) 112 x 99 x 95 112 x 99 x 75

1967-NT – Conveyor Belt

1967-AX-IR Infrared Curing Oven

1967-AX-R+ Roller Laminating Machine