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Class: 1967-AX-P

Automatic Mattress Press & Stack

AX-P Automatic Press and Stack is used to create full pallets of mattresses exiting a gluing line, after having pressed them. Thanks to its reach stacking station it allows for a considerable work area space reduction in respect to other kinds of stackers and can palletize up to 12 mattresses.

The frame structure of the press was designed to exert approximately 3 tons of pressure. This creates even pressure over a large area in order to have a perfect adhesive transferral between foam sheets.

  • Extremely ease to use
  • Minimal operator input
  • Saves floor space
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 400-480V 3PH 50-60HZ
Current (amps) 20
Motor type Brushless + AC
Air pressure (psi) 87
Air consumption (cfm) 5
Weight (lbs) 4200
Dimensions (w/l/h, Inch) 128”/203”/132”