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Class: 1458250

Sock Closer

When used in-line with our Model 1458 Mattress Stuffer, the sock is closed with a hand-operated three thread sergingsewing head with electronic needle positioning and chain trimmer. A clamp holds the material in place while sewingand them trims for a finished look to your mattress.

  • Closes a fire retardant sock tomeet EPA standards
  • Connects to customer or AAC supplied conveyor
  • Mounted with brackets or free-standing
  • End surges and trims excess material
  • Pegasus EXT Sewing Head
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Maximum opening (inch) 17.7 x 84
Weight of material (lbs) 200
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 230V 1PH
Current (amps) 5A
Motor type DC
Shipping Weight (lbs) 500
Shipping Dimensions (w/l/h, Inch) 48 x 120 x 44

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