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Class: 1393M

Pull-Cut System

  • Built to fit tables up to 78” wide
  • Very close end tolerances of +/- ½ inch on woven materials on pulls less than 15 feet
  • Pneumatic operator clamp pull to length moving frame
  • 72”woven material width capacity
  • 90 psi required
  • Auto 4’’ round knife track cutting machine ( 110 volt or 220 volt 1 phase )
  • Auto cutting machine movement across track and up / down movement to allow for cut ply to fall under track multiple cut plies to stack in place.
  • Variable speed knife travel
  • Manual blade sharpening
  • Available in 110V or 220V. Please specify voltage when ordering
  • AP-801 manual and live roller and material cradle cart on casters and clamping to table end

Larger material/table widths available
Pre-feed cradle for stretch goods
Table Widths and Lengths to customer specifications