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Class: 1393KISS & 1393KA

Keep It Simple Spreader/Cutter

  • System pulls, trims, cuts, and stacks non-wovens, and knits
  • Cuts Waterfall Mattress length (1393KA)
  • Consistent cutting and sizing of knit materials
  • Automatic sensing of material out conditions
  • Next-Generation Gateway
  • Safety sensors and switches are located throughout the machine for safe operation
  • Windows Base computer
  • Circular Cutting
  • Air flotation table
  • Dual roll holders for knit and non-woven
  • Edge guiding roll holder carriage for knit
1393KSB   1393KB
Roll Diameter Capacity (inch) 30
Weight Capacity (lbs) 750
Roll Width Capacity (inch) 96
Cut Width Capacity Min/Max (inch) 92 92
Cut Length Capacity (inch) 84 125
Table Width Capacity (inch) 96
Stack Height (inch) 2
Current (Amps) 25
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220V 3PH 50/60HZ
Air Pressure (psi) 80
Air Consumption (cfm) 3

Knit 1 Ply
1393KSB – Up to 3 Queen Panels per minute
1393KA – Up to 2 Queen Panels per minute

Non-Knit 1 Ply/2 Ply
1393KSB – 3/6 Queen Panels per minute
1393KA – 2/4 Queen Panels per minute

Single Needle Industry 4.0 Ready
  • Add extra roll holder/carriage for fast material change
  • Bag closer station to join rolls together
  • Multi roll holder storage rack
  • Radius cutter up to 3.5″ (1393KISS)
  • Miter cutter (1393KISS)
  • Clicker die radius corner cutter