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Class: 1393-PLY1

Single Ply Cutting Machine

From woven fibers to technical textiles and
composites, from non-skid to knitted, vinyl,
and leather material, Ply 1 is the answer to
all the needs of the bedding and upholstery

  • No paper or plastic is needed (consumable savings)
  • A new generation of linear motors
  • Acceleration up to 3G, Speed up to 590 FPM / 180MPM, the fastest in its category
  • Low consumption thanks to vacuum controlled by inverter
  • The multi-tools head can manage up to 3 tools at the same time
  • Modern design with innovative software icons-touch user-friendly
  • High performance, maximum precision
  • Minimal maintenance with auto-diagnosis system
from our library
Cutting Area LxW / Area de Corte LxA 98”x87”
Cutting Tool / Herramienta de corte Circular & Oscialting Knife / Cuchilla circular o Oscilant
Cutting Thickness / Altura de Corte 1.2” Single layer / 30mm una capa
Cutting Speed / Velocidad de corte 590 FPM / 180m/min
Air pressure / Presion de aire 80 PSI
Air Consumption / Consumo de aire 11 cfm
Voltage / Voltaje 400 3PH 50/60 HZ
Power (kW) / Energia (kW 11
Weight / Peso 4,900 lbs / 2,200 Kg 7,100 lbs / 3,200 Kg

Panels per 8 hrs / Paneles por 8 horas 1,400 (60”x80”)

  • Unwinder 270 for tension-free fabric feeding
  • Vision Scan 450 to manage the matching of fabric with stripes, plaids, and repetitive motifs
  • Loading and unloading conveyor belt
  • Electric Oscillating Tool: With different types of vertical blades, suitable for high precision even on small details, like holes from 1,5mm diam
  • Pneumatic Oscillating Tool: With different types of vertical blades pneumatically controlled, suitable for cutting hard or thick technical materials
  • Drawing tool to mark references
  • Customizable cutting area