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Class: 1368ARS

Foam Encased Gluing Workstation

  • Automated foam rail glue station for foam encased beds
  • Serial Bus Control System with touch screen
  • Glues bottom, top and end of rails, programmable
  • Automatically detects rail size and minimizes glue usage
  • Flexible design to optimize floor space
  • Reduces glue cost by up to 50%
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220V 1PH 60HZ
Drive motor 1/4 HP
Current (amps) 5 amps
Motor type AC
Air pressure (psi) 80 lbs
Air consumption (cfm) 6-7 cfm
Shipping weight (lbs) 550 850 500 750
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h,inch) 27x48x66

120 Foam Cases per hour

• Gravity feed glue system and spray head mounting to support system
• Pressurized feed system and spray heads.
• Automatic heads and glue usage tracking integrated into Serial Bus System
• Custom in-feed and output table sizes are offered for specialty bed requirements.
• Secondary out-feed table
Model 1346FE – Assembly table

• Operator loads entry table with 2 long and 2 short foam lengths (alternating) for a lot run.
• Operator sets machine height and depth for desired foam cross section size.
• Machine automatically sprays length and ends of foam for one set, then only the sides for second set, regardless of length (no input or setting changes required for different lengths of same cross section foam).
• Machine “Cues” foam on output table (each table holds two mattresses worth of foam)
• Two operators assemble mattress encasement.
• Machine sprays and cues more foam as required by operators.
• Fully loaded machine sprays 10-13 mattresses depending on foam cross section.
• As one operator moves mattresses to drying area and completes paperwork, second operator loads up next foam sets to be processed.