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Class: PLK-G2516

Programmable Sewing Machine

This machine uses USB memory for pattern storage as well as an internal memory. It is equipped with an on-board touch screen for making sewing patterns and customizing parameters. Programmable presser foot height control by stepping motor according t o the material thickness. All sewing parts and electronic components are available.

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Sewing Area (mm) (X) 250 x (Y) 160
Stitch Type Single Needle Lockstitch
Speed 2,800 rpm (depending on operation)
Feeding System Intermittent or continuous
Stitch Length (mm) 0.1 ~ 20.0
Pattern Storage Internal memory or external USB
Max. Number of Stitches 20,000 stiches / pattern
Max. Number of Patterns 900 patterns (internal memory)
Scale-up / Scale Down 10 ~ 200% for X and Y axis
Hook Large shuttle hook
Needle DPx17#18
Work Holder Lift (mm) Max. 30
Presser Foot Lift (mm) Max. 15
Pattern Input Touch screen (PLK-G-PAL)
Main Driving Motor 750 W direct drive
Power 220-240 V, 1 or 3 phases