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Class: PLGE Series

Computer-Controlled Cycle Machines — PLG Series

With Input Functions, Mitsubishi Mini-Servo X 500W Motor Drive, Liquid Crystal Touch-Pad Display for Programming and Control Functions


  • Large liquid crystal touch-pad display
  • On screen data entry and modification
  • Intermittent or continuous feed system (selectable)


Sewing fields:
PLG-E1010 – 100mm (X) x 100mm (Y)
PLG-E1010KX – 225mm (X) x 100mm (Y)
PLG-E2008H – 200mm (X) x 80mm (Y)
PLG-E2010R – 200mm (X) x 100mm (Y)
PLG-E2516 – 250mm (X) x 160mm (Y)
PLG-E2516YU – 250mm (X) x 160mm (Y)
PLG-E4030 – 400mm (X) x 300mm (Y)
PLG-E6030 – 600mm (X) x 300mm (Y)
PLG-E5050 – 500mm (X) x 500mm (Y)
PLG-E10050 – 1000mm (X) x 500mm (Y)

from our library
Max. Sewing Speed 2000-2500spm, dependent upon product sewn
Stitch Lenght 0.1-12.7mm
Lift of Presser Foot 18mm (50mm optional)
Stroke of Presser Foot 4-10mm
Lift of Feeding Frame 30mm
Needle Size 135 x 17 to size 110/18
Large size oscillating bobbin
Memory Storage
Internal 255 patterns, 8k stitches/pattern
External 2HD Floppy
Lubrication Automatic
Stitch Type 301
  • •Quick change clamping system
  • •110 volt
  • Fixturing
  • High-lift mechanism (foot-lift)
  • Programmer stand for PLG-E-PAL programmer
  • Stepping foot step adjuster
  • Heavy thread trimming system
  • PC programming software
  • High voltage transformer