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Class: MW Film

Engineered Co-Ex Film

For use on Auto-Pac, Roll-Pac & Manual Packaging Machines

Use for Mattress Overwrap, Compression and Roll Packing

  • Lowest cost per mattress wrapped
  • Exceptional tear resistance
  • Great puncture resistance
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Two-sided sealing
  • Unsurpassed clarity
  • Engineered Co-Ex Film
  • A complete range of film widths, thicknesses and lengths are available upon special request


We only use prime virgin resins with each possessing specific superior physical properties. These resins when combined and run in separate layers on state of the art co-ex lines produces a Mattress Wrap that will allow our technologically advanced equipment to perform at their highest levels. This combination of equipment and film produces the best possible packaging for mattresses at the lowest cost per unit.

Our films are made with multiple layers
Top Layer (outer)
We use a resin and additive designed to provide a higher Coefficient of Friction (COF) or a lower slip level which makes it harder for packaged mattresses to slide against each other, thus helping the mattresses stay stacked one on top of each other during warehousing and shipping.

Developed from high performance resins engineered to provide exceptional puncture/impact and tear resistance. These layers allow us to produce source reduction through downgauging while not sacrificing strength and quality. The AAC film on a per mil basis is much stronger and tougher than any mono-layer or conventional polyethylene film.

Bottom Layer
Made with specific high performance resins to provide exceptional sealing capabilities. These seals are designed to stand up to the roughest handling. At the same time we use proprietary extrusion techniques which produce an extremely smooth layer providing unsurpassed scratch and abrasion resistance against the mattresses.

from our library
Property Units 1.5 mil 3.5 mil 5.5 mil
O2TR cc/100 sq. in. -day-atm 325 125 75
WVTR g/100 sq. in. -day-atm 0.66 0.27 0.18
Dart grams 800 1300 2000
Secant Psia MD 23000 26000 27000
Modulus Psia TD 25000 26000 27000
Tensil Psia MD 7200 7300 6700
Tensil (at break) % 600 690 700
Psia TD 7500 7300 7300
% 700 710 740
Tear grams MD 630 1430 2580
grams TD 820 1810 2820
Part No Description
MW003 112″ Wide, .002 Mil Thick
MW004 50″ Wide, .0025 Mil Thick
Used to wrap the mattress and hold a rolled state for e-commerce or storage and is released when cut away.
For model: 1306
MW005 110″ Wide, .0025 Mil Thick
Used as the bottom sheet when overwrap or flat compression is required.Designed Specifically for Stacks of Latex and Foam Panels.
For models: 1390B, 1390BX, 1390DV, 1390MB, 1306T, 1390FM, 1390HCB, 1406
MW006 112″ Wide, .0025 Mil Thick
Used as the top sheet when overwrap or flat compression is required.
For models: 1390B, 1390BX, 1390DV, 1390MB, 1306T, 1390FM, 1390HCB, 1406
MW007 41″ WIDE, .0025 Mil Thick
MW008 60″ Wide, .002 Mil Thick
MW009 70″ Wide, .002 Mil Thick
MW013 80″ Wide, .0025 Mil Thick