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Class: E Series a

Automated Embroidery System for the Automotive Industry

Automotive interiors are a perfect application of embroidered custom logos and designs to make the upholstery have a signature look. Embroidery achieves a quality and elegance in leather and other interior materials that stands out for plain surfaces.


  • Product may be personalized for each customer
  • Raises price point, increasing profits as no outsourcing required
  • Small quantities produced on demand
  • Customer loyalty enhanced
  • Multi-head design, high production, low cost
  • Scan any logo and digitize in-house
  • AAC offers complete training and logo digitizing service
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  • 9 needles, 9 thread colors
  • Built-in noise reduction technology
  • 1,000 SPM maximum sewing speed
  • Embroidery Fields: 400mm x 450mm
  • All steel bridge style construction
  • LCD color monitor
  • Solid steel rotary hook system
  • Complete hoop assortment included
  • Built-in disk drive and USB port
  • Direct connect to computer
  • Built-in rotary type thread break sensors
  • Automatic thread trimmers
  • Automatic color changes
  • Memory retention after shut down
  • Removable support table top for flat goods
Single Needle 301 Lockstitch Horizontal Hook, Transversal, Small Automatic Presser Footlift Needle Thread Monitor CNC Contour Control Underbed Thread Trimmer
  • Programming software PM-1
  • Pneumatic inverted clamp device
  • Milling unit
  • Needle cooler
  • One touch utility clamp for quick change of patterns