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Real-Time Shop Floor Control for the Automotive Industry

Industry experience since 1976 and over 100,000 installed users in 17 countries, Byte is the most advanced and mature Shop Floor Control System to the sewn products industry. Based on off the shelf Wi-Fi technology utilizing Android tablets.

  • Piecework or Hourly Payroll
  • Production Tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Machine Parts Tracking
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • In-house Development
  • Made in USA
  • Flexible & Customizable
  • Batch + Real Time, Hybrid or Both


From WIP tracking through Piecework Payroll and all of the HR issues associated with a sewn products manufacturing company are available with software modules from Byte’s ERP Software Suite. Shop Floor Control and piecework payroll system based on inexpensive, off-the-shelf, Wi-Fi enabled Android Tablets is simple to learn, deploy

and operate. Byte’s software suite includes a bundle tracking system which has been reinvented from the ground up. It was co-developed with sewn products manufacturing customers and is now a shop floor system that satisfies the software requirements of large and small manufacturing companies AT AN AFFORDABLE COST.

Simple to deploy, the system operates over standard Wi-Fi protocol and requires no network wiring or unusual proprietary hardware. Deploy and train in days rather than weeks. The Android Tablets have an app that keeps the camera on so that passing a Bundle tag with a QR code in front of it, records the bundle number. The tablet itself has an ID setup in Byte to Identify which operation is being performed at that station and the operator logs into the tablet in order to credit the work to the right operators. Each of the transactions is time stamped to allow for efficiency and pay calculations. Using this advanced technology, operators are able to quickly log in or perform routine functions simply by scanning their employee badge. The ability to automate common tasks for both operators and supervisors adds efficiency to the manufacturing process.


Cut excess labor cost
Higher productivity
Lower wip inventory
Reduce payroll errors
No bundle ticket coupons
Reduce payroll processing


Reduce labor
Faster throughput/less WIP
Balanced lines
Better employee morale
Lower turnover
Improved quality
More accurate payroll
Clock in/out at workstation
Quicker response time


Sql database – for flexibility and performance.
Tablets – Android
Wireless – no wired installation required.
Connectivity – direct integration with Byte’s payroll
and ERP modules.
Reliable – stores transactions when network down.


Time – replaces punch clock for in/out and breaks.
Pacing – helps operator achieve target
Always on – camera, for easy qr/bar code scanning.
Simple – intuitive user interface.

Operators – track operator efficiency
Off-Standard – direct or remote off standard approval
Repairs – track bundle or unit repairs
Production – track WIP through assigned sections
Support – get instant notification of operator calls

There are four primary APPs available for BYTETIMETM

Operator – As described above and much more.

Supervisor – Receives Off-Standard call from operator and allows approval from the floor or desk. Tracks off standard, efficiencies, WIP and repairs.

Quality – Full QC and statistical analysis for in-line, final,block and product inspections with normal and accelerated AQL tables.

Equipment – Mechanics monitor operator or supervisor calls for maintenance. Machines by ID are analyzed and scheduled for repairs.

All administrative chores are performed seamlessly between the tablets and the database that insures instant validation and synchronization between the tablets and the database.