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Class: 3300

Automatic Handle Tacker, Border Measure, Insert Law Label and Close Workstation

  • Measures border, sets handles (4 or 8), measures, cuts and closes border
  • Accommodates 8 rolls of handle for quick changeover
  • Automatically detects and cuts out splices and defects
  • Lockstitch sewing head for closing border with needle positioner, automatic thread trimmer & Presser footlift
  • Feeds pre-made handles from roll
  • Capacity up to 15″ borders
  • Stores up to 22 styles
  • Programmable box “X” Tacker
  • Serial Bus Control System with touch screen unconditionally guaranteed three years
  • Self-diagnostic software
  • Heavy-duty guillotine cutter with tempered blades
  • Heavy-duty feeding module with urethane rollers
Closer Tacker
Max sewing speed (rpm) 5000 2300
Factory preset speed (rpm) 1800 1500
Max stitch length (spi) 6 8
Needle system SNDLX1140 SN135X1722
Needle size 22-140 22-140
Weight of material MEDIUM
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 220V 1PH 60HZ
Current (amps) 5
Motor type EFKA DC
Air pressure (psi) 80
Air consumption (cfm) 6
Shipping weight (lbs) 2250
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch) 65 x 110 x 88

32 Pieces per hour (with 4 handles)


Border Closer / Cerradora de Borde

Single Needle 301 Lockstitch Bottom Feed, Top Belt Feed Horizontal Hook, Transversal, Small Automatic Presser Footlift Needle Thread Monitor

Tacker / Presilladora

Single Needle 301 Lockstitch Vertical Hook Large Tape Cut in Front of the Needle, from above Automatic Presser Footlift Needle Thread Monitor

3200PM – Automatic marking for module. Marks border for placement of labels, embroidery, etc.
3206 – ID labeling module
3307 – Automatically inserts Law Label into border seam
3200PM4A – Automatically marks border with unique color combination to indicate size ID (4 pen)
MMSPOOL – Plastic Spool
Modular Design
Automatic Handle Tacker may be joined to any or all of the workstations below for a complete automated border system.
1961 – Automatic Dual Overlock Border Workstation
1355 – Automatic Border Quilter