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Class: 3150-1

Semi-Automatic workstation

For attaching tubular tape (wire pocket) to car seats, Programmable start and stop of tape


  • 1 Needle lockstitch sewing head (301stitch)
  • Cycle counter for bobbin change
  • Material transported by upper and lower belts, synchronized with sewing head
  • Backtacking or stitch condensing at beginning and end of seam
  • Material feed by stepping motors
  • Sewing head driven by electronic servo motor
  • Tape fed from roll underneath machine
  • Tape insertion start and stop programmable
  • Seam length programmable and variable
  • Microprocessor controlled
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Max. Sewing Speed 2000spm
Voltage (v/ph/hz) 8mm max
•Needle Size 134-35 to size 120/19
•Rotating Hook Horizontal axis
•Hook Safety Clutch Standard
Lubrication Automatic
•Tubular Tape •10-30mm wide
•Stitch Type 301
  • • Laser light positioning guide
  • • Thread monitor for upper thread
  • • Chainstitch sewing head