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Class: 3145-1 and 3145-4

Cutting and Punching

Cutting and Punching Unit for Retainer Strips, Comprising of Roll Feed Mechanism, Punching Unit, Cutting Unit, Microprocessor Controlled and Fully Programmable


3145/1 Cut & Punch
3145/4 Cut & Punch with Sewing Station

JIT production of retainer strips
No precut and pre-punched retainers required in inventory
Sequences of different lengths, holes, and notch locations are freely programmable
Number of finished parts can be programmed
Multiple widths can be cut without adjustment (70mm max)
Finished product disposed into box for easy handling
Stepper motor driven feeding system

from our library
  • • Sewing station for welt type retainer strips (3145/4)
  • • Flatbed Chainstitch sewing head with close coupled puller
  • • Unrolling device to remove welt cord from roll
  • • Buffer station between unroll and sewing station
  • • Buffer station between sewing and cut-and-punch station
  • • Cutter and one punch (standard) additional punches (max 4) with different shapes (v-notch, diamond, half round, oblong)
  • • Chute disposal into box
  • • Zippers
  • • Duon