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Class: 1410V521412060

Single Needle Lockstitch Programmable CNC Sewing Unit with 360 Degree Turning Head, 1200mm x 600mm

  • XXL Vertical Hook
  • Programmable needle thread tension, thread clamp, vibrating presser foot, stitch length and rotating sew head angle
  • Needle and bobbin thread monitor
  • 55mm clearance under foot
  • External Bobbin Winder
  • On board touch screen for programming and customizing sew patterns
  • Internal and USB pattern storage
  • 20,000 max number of stitches per pattern
  • DXF files easy to convert and upload to machine
  • 230v Single Phase
  • 6 bar of Compressed Air Needed
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Sewing Area X x Y (mm)

1200 x 600

Max Sewing Speed (RPM)


Max Stitch Length (mm)


Presser Foot Height (mm)



134-35 Size 80-180

Single Needle 301 Lockstitch Extended Head Horizontal Hook, Transversal, Large CNC Contour Control

Custom Pattern tooling
Safety cage meeting European CE safety Certification